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Unified industrial software platform that delivers real-time management, visualisation, analytics, and control across thousands of mobile touchpoints.

Function Product

Control and Data Acquisition

SCADA system designed to control, collect, analyse, and visualise your data on asset location for improved real-time decision making and overall operational productivity.


Expanded Unlimited Visibility

Responsive real-time control platform helps you meet challenging demands across all industrial and manufacturing operations straight from the control room.


Unified Operations Center

Operational continuity and real-time performance management framework that gives you the access to all the information you need – across departments, divisions, sites, and enterprises.

01 Flexibility and Scalability

Strive for excellence.


Flexibility and Scalability

Engineered to be flexible – commercially, architecturally, and technologically. AVEVA™ Flex model helps you integrate across new and existing systems to scale forward, without constraints on tag counts, I/O, or web and thin clients, as well as enables access to all the software in AVEVA’s broad Edge to Enterprise portfolio.


With our broad vertical expertise from machine building through automation, manufacturing intelligence all the way to ERP integration—supporting discrete, continuous and batch processes—our bespoke solutions will provide the operational excellence, scalability, and flexibility the future requires.

02 Standardization and Sustainability


Standardization and Sustainability

Designed to support standards of excellence – by driving predictability and operational efficiency for your business. Standardization and re-usability across various AVEVA platforms, teams, and geographically disparate sites enables fast deployment, short learning curve, as well as robust governance and lifecycle management.


Inea’s 35 years of experience coupled with AVEVA’s vast knowledge database make sure we don’t sacrifice personalisation for standardisation – we give you the best of both worlds. After we determine the ideal solution for you, we will use AVEVA’s model-driven approach to standardise everything from objects in the back to the UX in the front and make it ready to deploy anywhere and anytime.

03 Workforce Empowerment


Workforce Empowerment

Architectured to empower – by giving your team the information, tools and processes they need to work smarter, wherever they are. With AVEVA, you have the technology required to bring the work to your workforce and enable collaboration across all areas of business. AVEVA’s collaboration tools and production systems are mobile and HTML5 compliant. Access to information is limited purely by your own decisions and policies.


Putting the human first is in Inea’s company ethos – our code is open and deployment transparent, so your tech and operational teams know exactly what is going on every step of the way. When it’s time to launch, they will be fully trained and empowered to support, develop, and own the solution on your production floor.

04 Operational Agility


Operational Agility

Built to enable your evolution – when teams understand the possibilities, they feel empowered to make decisions, stay agile and quickly analyse conditions and take informed action. Engineering efficiency enables developers to do their work together and continuously improve. The power of AVEVA™ Insight gives you all the tools to build artificial intelligence into the context of real-time decision making at the HMI SCADA level by automatically detecting and reporting operational anomalies.


What’s best for you is best for us, so all the systems are designed in collaboration, handed over through transparent deployment, and maintained with 24/7 support. A well-rounded solution for the entire enterprise and a highly efficient user experience will empower your operational and tech teams for the future.

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01 AVEVA™ System Platform
02 AVEVA™ Application Server
03 AVEVA™ Historian
04 AVEVA™ Communication Drivers